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Kambu Kanji

Summer is around the corner and it is best to be armed with 'cooling' recipes. Kambu Kanji is one such food which makes a complete meal, is light on the system and keeps you fuller for a long time. What was once a poor man's food has become gourmet fare with the growing awareness on millets. Another advantage is that Kambu may be cooked the previous night and consumed the following morning after diluting with water; and tastes best with the addition of salt and buttermilk. It is generally topped with chopped shallots; or served with pickle.
Making Kanji using the OPOS technique completely eliminates the need to "stir cook". Especially Kambu (Pearl Millet / Bajra). The millet tends to settle and will easily stick to the bottom of the pan, resulting in scorching of the base layer. This means constant supervision. But for the method followed in the recipe given below, you do not have to 'stir cook'. Yet it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. I am so ha…

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