A healthy Chettinad delicacy - AadikKool
Serves 4 -6

A favourite among the Chettiars, it is served on all occasions. It makes a healthy snack for young children, with urad flour and jaggery being the main components.
The flour is ground, seasoned and stored for jiffy preparation; as is needed.
It is also known as Aadi Kummayam in certain areas of Chettinad. Traditionally we use only ghee. Here, it has been altered for a healthier option which makes no or minimal change to taste. Sugar is usually added if the jaggery is dark.
Aadikkool Mavu 1 cup
Vellam 1 cup, powdered
Sugar ¼ cup (optional) and if needed.
Water 3½ cups
Ghee ¼ cup
Sunflower oil ½ cup
Take jaggery (vellam) in a deep vessel with water. Melt and strain the syrup. Keep on slow flame on one side.
In a non-stick pan (or a thick kadai), heat the oil and ghee. When hot add the flour all at once and stir rapidly until cooked.
Now add the syrup and stir continuously, making sure there are no lumps. It will start bubbling; use a long ladle to stir.
Stir cook until it leaves the sides of the pan or until it does not stick. *

Serve hot in a shallow dish, with a dollop of ghee on top.

* To test for doneness: Keep water in a small cup. Drop a spoon of aadikkool in it. You should be able to roll it between your fingers.


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