Fruit Halwa

The goodness of fruits and carrots enrich this halwa. Delicious!!!

Fruit Halwa


Carrots 125 g, grated

Coconut ¾ cup, grated

Sugar ¾ cups

Ghee ¼ cup + 2 Tbsp

Khoa ¾ cup, grated

Fruits ¾ cup

Orange coloring - optional

Fruit cocktail essence


Use a mixture of fruits - apples, banana, grapes and pineapple. Chop into tiny cubes.

Steam carrots in a pressure cooker and grind with coconut.

Add sugar, khoa, ghee and cook over a medium flame until ghee separates.

Add cut fruits, a pinch of coloring and ¼ tsp essence. Mix well. Cover and keep aside until serving time.

To Serve: Serve hot, topped with fresh & dry fruits and glace cherries.

Note: Texture of halwa changes with the texture of ground coconut and carrot.


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