Golden Fingers

Appetizers make a good evening snack for children. They look forward to something new everyday. It’s a sure way to get the fussy ones to eat vegetables easily.

Cutlets are a hit with young and younger people. There are n-number of ways to cutlets – rolls, burgers, tikkis, etc…

One more is the Gold Coin. To serve with soups or as a snack, it is shaped here like fingers. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do at home. This one is a crowd pleaser.

Crisp base topped with goodness of vegetables - a lure for sure

Golden Fingers


Bread slices 8

Potatoes 2

Mixed Vegetables ¾ cup

Onions ½ cup

Green chillies 3, minced

Bean sprouts ½ cup

Soya sauce 1 tsp

Aji-no-moto ½ tsp

Corn flour 1 Tbsp

Salt to taste

Breadcrumbs 3 Tbsp + extra

Seasoned Maida paste

Sesame seeds to dot on top of the gold coins

Oil for deep frying


Cut out 2 - 3 rectangles from each bread slice.

Boil and mash the potatoes.

Chop the mixed vegetables (carrot, beans, peas, cauliflower) finely and boil them.

Mix together maida (plain flour), salt, pepper and water to get a thick paste.

Mix vegetables with seasoning, mashed potato, corn flour and 3 Tbsp bread crumbs. Take a little Veggie mix, dip in maida paste and set it firmly on a bread round.

Make sure that the edge of the veggie mix is well sealed with the bread piece.

Roll over bread crumbs, dot with sesame


Deep fry in hot oil until golden.

Drain on absorbent paper and serve hot.


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