Fruit Juice

Next to Tender Coconut, the one popular fruit juice that is essentially Indian is the Mosambi Juice. It is the one fruit that we get all year round in India. Being a good refresher and pocket friendly, Mosambi juice/Sathukudi juice is available at all corner juice shops. It is a good source of Vitamin-C. It is one of the first fruits/fruit juice given to infants. It is prescribed for invalids too. Mosambi/Sathukudi (Sweet lime in English).

Mosambi/Sathukkudi Juice

The juice may be extracted as you would from a regular orange. Or; the fruit may be segmented and processed in a juicer. Sugar is added to taste. Serve with or without ice-cubes.

To make it frothy, give it a whirl in the blender.


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