Guava Milk Shake

Five a day - refers to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables (together) that we should have in a day. Health benefits would go above the young ones' heads. Mother knows best - the best policy to adopt; and she works smart to make sure that this happens. Along with the body being fit, it sets a lovely example and a good habit for life. Sneaking 'Five a day' into the diet is the best way to start with. How better than the much loved Milkshake? Varying the colors is the easiest way to make it interesting, bringing variety into the diet very easily.

Guava Milk Shake

For Your Royal Highness


Chilled Milk 1 cup

Sugar/Honey to taste

Guava ½ cup


Chop the guava and blend in a blender with sugar and very little milk.

When puree is smooth, add the remaining milk and whip until frothy.

Serve chilled.

Adding Ice cubes/Ice-Cream is optional.

Pretty in Pink

Here, I've used the pink variety Guava

Here is another one going to Sanghi's Food Delights.


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