Menu on 21-08

Amma organized a lunch for us. Simple and hearty, it catered to our tastes and brought back memories of yesteryears. Recipes collected from friends, taught by kith and kin and appreciated well at home.

The menu went like this:-

This is a Pondicherry specialty; made by our Reddiar friends. Vallikkannu mami made this especially for me when we came home the first time after our wedding. I remember her whenever I have this gravy.

Amma’s special.

Chettinad delicacy that compliments the fiery gravy and satisfies the need for dal in the menu.

Cooling and refreshing – a must with Kara Kuzhambu.

Aloo Tikki – Tangy Tomato sauce
A deep-fried creation to make the meal a banquet. Introduced by Periamma; this is the family favorite.

Fresh diced Mangoes with Vanilla Ice-cream and Chocolate - dessert.

Sharing our treat at Rak's Kitchen.


Hi Meena,
I think I am first time here!
I cant wait to browse through your recipe collections,glad I found your blog,Thanks to you to participate in the event!

Nice combinations in your spread:)

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