On the Go...

Fuss-free - the main reckoner while packing a lunch-box. This is a sure temptation. Served with lots of love and care, you can hardly refuse. Can you?
Just wrap these in a tissue and hand it to them, when in a hurry.

Chatpati Chapathi Roll


2 Chapathi

4 Tbsp cooked Vegetables

2 tsp Tomato Sauce

Chili Sauce (optional)

2 Tbsp Cheese (optional)


Spread 1 tsp tomato sauce and little chilli sauce (if using) on each chapathi.

Place 2 Tbsp cooked vegetables along one edge. Sprinkle cheese (if using) .

Roll up firmly, tucking in the edges.

Excellent and hearty Breakfast.
Stays moist until lunch-time.

Cooked Vegetables can be any stir fry/vegetables made for lunch.
Noodles, Cutlets, Sundal, etc.


Sonal said…
lovely roll dear.. even i make them the same way.. but with leftover cegetable curries ;D
deepa more said…
substitute the tomato sauce with pizza topping from fun foods and lots of grated cheese alongwith stir fried onion, tomatoes and capsicum. Its yummmmm believe me !

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