Sandwich ;-)

I just LOVE Sandwiches - just so i can serve nutrition without any fuss. I get my way, and the kids are happy. Grilled sandwiches are excellent evening sncaks and can be made in a jiffy with a little preparation ahead. Fresh ones are great for packed lunches and picnics.

Bhujia Sev Sandwich

Bikaner, in Rajasthan, is very famous for Bhujia sev. The other day on DD - a local channel in Chennai, we saw this recipe for Bhujia Sev Sandwich. It captured Appa's attention and he brought home some Haldiram's Bhujia Sev. It was tangy and tasty. When fresh there was a light crunch to it. After some time, the flours were all soaked up together and was moist and yummy. Both ways it was great.


Bread slices 8

Butter 5 tsp

Boiled Potato 2

Green Chutney 4 - 6 tsp

Cucumber slices 8-10

Tomato slices 4-6

Bhujia Sev 1 small packet

Salt and to taste


Butter the bread slices.

Sprinkle salt on tomato and cucumber slices and keep aside.

Mash potatoes and mix with green chutney (to taste).

Spread potato mixture on one side.

Top with bhujia sev, sliced tomatoes and cucumber.

Cover with another buttered bread slice.

Press down lightly. Cut into 2 and serve.

Off to Divya's Show me your Sandwich


Priya said…
wow..first time in ur blog..nice recipes

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