Idli/Dosa (Molagai) Podi

Molagai Podi is a coarse mixture of ground spices that usually contain dried red chilies and lentils with other ingredients that lend individuality to it like sesame seeds, curry leaves, etc. It is a favorite addition to breakfast dishes. For food on the go and a jiffy meal this is a godsend and for the times we miss home-cooked food its manna. Other times it is simply scrumptious. This fast food is healthy as it is packed with proteins and stores well. There are countless versions and everybody has a favorite.
Calling it "Gun Powder" is a misnomer; as the spice quotient is variable.

Idli/Dosa Molagai Podi

30 Red chili
1 cup Urad dal
¼ cup Coconut
½ tsp Asafetida
1 Tbsp Tamarind
Salt to taste
Few sprigs Curry Leaves

Warm a large kadai, and add ½ tsp oil in it. Tip in the red chilies and roast until shiny; stirring all the time. Transfer to a large plate. Spread out to cool.
In the same kadai, dry-roast the other ingredients one by one till golden; carefully over a medium flame. Similarly, spread out to cool in a large plate.
Add a handful of chilies in a mixer jar. Add in a small quantity of all the other roasted ingredients and run the mixer. Grind to a coarse powder.
Transfer to a wide vessel. Continue similarly until the condiments are used up.
Mix the podi, and run it all together in the mixer for a just one whirl.
Store in sterilized bottles.

Serving Suggestions:
Mixed with Ghee or Gingelly oil it is a stand alone side-dish for Idli and Dosa.
It can also be sprinkled as a topping for Dosa, Uthappam and Aapam; while making them.
Savory snacks like Kozhukattai are also served with Podi.
Bland dishes may be spiced-up with Podi in a minute.


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