Malaysian Lacy Pancakes - Roti Jala

The name Roti Jala is derived from the Malay word 'Roti' (Bread) and 'Jala' (Net). It is usually eaten with a spicy curry. The Chettiar community has strong links to Malaysia, Singapore, Burma and Sri Lanka. One is sure to notice similarity in the cuisine of Southern India and these countries. I have to thank Sanghi for the visual treat that has added to my resolve of wanting to visit Malaysia.

Roti Jala


1¾ cup Plain Flour

1¼ cup Coconut Milk

1 cup Water

½ tsp Salt

¾ tsp Turmeric Pd

4 tsp Oil

½ tsp Baking Powder


Take flour, turmeric powder and salt in a basin. Mix thoroughly.

Mix in the milk, oil and water to get a runny batter. Whisk for a minute.

Add baking powder and mix well. Strain to dissolve lumps.

Rest for 5 minutes.

You need to use a Roti-Jala mould to make this lacy pancake. It is a special ladle/cup with 5 holes (like a squeezy sauce bottle) at the bottom.

Heat a pan and spray with oil. Fill the mould and scribble circles all over the pan, overlapping one other.

Allow to cook and fold pancakes into 4.

Transfer to a serving dish. Serve with a spicy curry.

My son wanted it sweet. So, here it is with stewed fruits.

Delicious – both ways.

I feel very happy to have been able to participate @ Vegan Malaysian; Vaishali's event.


Vaishali said…
Minu, what a gorgeous and unique recipe! It's simply delicious-- thanks for sending it in!
Priti said…
Other day I saw a video of roti jala...but no ingredients :(...thanks for the recipe...looks too gud
Jaya Wagle said…
That looks yummy and so unique. Had never heard of it but will try to make it one of these days. :)
Dips said…
Wow...what a special recipe !!
Simply June said…
Minu came across ur blog from Vaishali's. I have a picture of the Roti Jala mould, if u like to "borrow" and share it on ur blog. =).

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