Fresh Mango Pickle

Mango mania takes over – whenever we see them. In season, it’s (raw) mangoes, (semi ripe) mangoes and more (ripe) mangoes. Off season mangoes are good enough to make instant pickles – the perfect companion to Curd Rice.


1¼ cup Mango

2-3 tsp Chilli Pd

¼ tsp Asafetida

¼ tsp Fenugreek seeds, powdered

¼ tsp Turmerric Pd

Salt to taste

3 Tbsp Oil

¼tsp Mustard seeds


Chop mango into small pieces and place in a container. Heap all the masala powders onto the center of the chopped mangoes.

Heat oil and splutter mustard seeds and pour on top of the masalas. Mix well.


kitchen queen said…
yummy pickle! my favourite looks delicious.
Sharmilee! :) said…
My tongue tickles seeing ur pickle :)

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