ICC - My First

One recipe that was a challenge to me - Praline!
I was thrilled that I had to do it; and at the same time, apprehensive. I tried it out with the most minimal quantity possible.

It turned out GREAT!!!
I just could not believe my eyes, and was so thrilled that by the time I could take snaps, I had only 2 in hand.

Measures - I went by Madhvi’s Foolproof Cuisine and method was a mix of hers and that of Simply Sindhi Recipes All in all, I enjoyed the challenge.

Thank You Valli.


Anonymous said…
Your varo has perfect shape!
Divya Vikram said…
That looks so professionally made!
simply.food said…
Your varo looks wonderful and tasty.Good attempt.
Srivalli said…
Meena, that looks so wonderful..thanks for joining us..

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