Podi (Stuffed) Idli

Idli's are my favourite food - plain or soaked in Sambhar. There are various accompaniments to this simple and basic staple. One more favourite is the Idli Milagai Podi or simply 'PODI'. Steaming hot Idli's and Podi with either Gingelly oil or Ghee - droolworthy. I heard of Podi sandwiched inside the idli - and tried it out.

Idli Batter


Prepare the Idli steamer and when it starts steaming, pour in a small ladleful (2 Tbsp) batter. Sprinkle Podi on top.

Pour another small ladle ful of batter on top to cover the Podi.
Steam cook for 5 minutes or until done.
Sprinkle water around the edges of the pan and gently remove the Idli.
Serve Hot with Sambhar/Chutney.
Here are other ways with Idli

This is off to My Innovative Kitchen


Satya said…
Thanks for sending me these wonderful idlis minu.. thanks for participating.
Priti said…
Looks yum ...and this is new for me
Priya Sreeram said…
totally new ! loved it !!
kitchen queen said…
never heard of this but shall try soon.
chitraj.hegde said…
I never tried this kind of idly.....loved ur method....I am trying this for week end....first time here....your blog is very nice with lots of great recipe..i love to follow ur blog
Ramya said…
This is such a great idea:-)
I am gona try it tomo..Love it:-)
First time here in ur lovely space
Happy to follow u:-)

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