Mocktail: Strawberry Margherita

Tarla Dalal is my inspiration for this mocktail. Long back I remember seeing this on TV. A lovely and refreshing drink for this season. I had this chilling in the fridge for the evening along with Pizza Bites.

For the Mocktail:
Strawberries - 10
Lemon - 1, large
Sugar to taste
Water - 250 ml
Ice Cubes

To rim the Glass:
Lemon - 1 wedge
Sugar Crystals - 1 to 2 Tbsp

To rim the Glass:
Gently run the wedge of lime all around the rim of the glass. DO NOT use pressure on the lime. It is enough if you misten the rim.
Spread sugar crystals on a flat saucer / plate.
Dip the mouth (rim) of the glass on the sugar crystals.
Keep in the freezer for a minute.

For the Mocktail:
Place the strawberries, sugar and lemon juice with a little water in a blender. Run on high speed for 2 minutes.
Add remaining water and ice cubes and blend once more.
Serve chilled in the rimmed glasses.


Divya Pramil said…
Lovely drink!! And the rimming of the cup is really a great idea.
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Ramya said…
Perfect for this hot summer! Lovely!
Kalpana Sareesh said…
perfect thirst quencher..

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