Fruit Custard - a simple dessert

Kallakurichi is a very small township past Ulundurpet, on the way to Salem. The place where we lived was a small village close to this township. We had to travel to the town buy all our daily needs. The one fruit that would be available through the year was "Sathukkudi" or Sweet Lime (Mausambi). And they would not be sweet either! Almost every day our coook - Ramaiah Annan would pamper us by keeping cups of Sathukkudi all ready to eat; layering the fruit with some sugar, chilled. Once in a while, I would prepare a custard and top the fruits with it. A very simple dessert that is easy to prepare and is very delicious.

One fond memory about Kallakurichi is this 'Fruit Custard'. As I was peeling the sweet lime, I regaled tales to my son. It was Periamma's anniversary and off we went to cleabrate at my aunt's place.

FRUIT CUSTARD with Sweet Lime

Sweet Lime - 4
Milk - 2 cups
Vanilla flavoured Custard Powder - 2 Tbsp (rounded)
Sugar - 4 Tbsp
Fresh Cream - 3 Tbsp

Peel and layer the sweet lime in individual glass bowls.
Take 1.5 cups fresh milk in a pan and bring to a boil over slow flame.
Dissolve custard Powder in the remaining milk and set aside.
Add sugar into the milk and stir cook until it starts boiling.
Stir the custard mix and por into the pan in a thin stream with one hand, while stirring the milk all the while with the other.
Cook over a very slow flame stirring continuously until it thickens to coat the back of your spoon.
Cool, stirring so that the skin does not form on top. Add fresh cream and mix well.
Adjust sweetness according to taste.
Pour cooled custrd over the fruits and allow to set in the refrigerator.
Serve chilled with a little Mixed fruit jam on top.


Bhamathy said…
Simple and delicious...

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