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My joy knew no bounds when I finally made Peanut Butter. I had seen several recipes and my first attempt did not turn out well. My son gave me a 3/10; he said it was too salty, too smooth....
The next attempt was a success.

Then, I wanted to surprise him with a chocolate spread. Hazelnuts are way too expensive and I was glad to chance upon Peanutella @ Smitten Kitchen. By this time I could make eye judgement to make my peanut butter. I dunked in a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder into the jar after removing half the peanut butter and added some powdered sugar to taste. cocoa powder, I went by the colour of the spread. So, the recipe here is not quite exact - I was in a hurry as I knew my son will pop into the kitchen at any moment. Please adjust the sugar and cocoa powder to suit your taste. As you can see, mine is quite grainy. You can blend it for some more time until smooth and shiny.

The moment I put the jar (which originally had Ghiradelli Chocolate Spread in it) on the table to click pictures, his eyes literally popped out! He kept on asking - "Enna? Neenga Pannineengala?" (What? did you make this?)


(Adapted from the Smitten Kitchen)

Peanut Butter - 1/2 cup
Cocoa Powder - 3 Tbsp
Powdered Sugar - 1 cup (use as needed)
Peanut Oil - 1 to 2 tsp

Take peanut butter in a mixer jar.
Add powdered sugar and cocoa powder to it.
Run the mixer jar on medium speed to incorporate it all until smooth and shiny.
Taste and adjust to suit your taste. Use peanut oil only if necessary.
Transfer to a glass bottle, tapping the bottle gently to remove air bubbles.

(From scratch) 
Peanuts - 2 cups, roasted
Cocoa Powder - 3 Tbsp
Powdered Sugar - 1.5 cups (use as needed)
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Peanut Oil - 2 Tbsp

Instructions:Use a jar that has a tiny cap opening at the top.
Take peanuts in a jar and pulse it until it is powdery. It is better to do this in small batches.
Add in cocoa powder, oil, sugar (add 3/4 of it now) and salt and run the mixer until it becomes a shiny spread.
Scrape down the mass that collects around the jar as often as necessary.
Taste and adjust sugar - cocoa as needed. Use extra oil if required - add by teaspoonfuls..
Store in sterilized bottles in the refrigerator.

Comments said…
wow looks temptingly delicious.
Priya said…
WIsh to have with some bread slices..
Brehadeesh said…
Wow auntie !! what an idea.. You made so much :D ..That's like 3-4 jars of nutella = 3*195 rs + ..Great

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