Dosa Masal Toast

One more to join the list of Toasts - Dosa Toast! The undeniable truth is that French Toast is easy to make and a true favourite. Ayya taught me to substitute spices for sugar in the French Toast - the Bombay Toast. Years ago, Amma chanced upon this recipe that resulted in the making of a completely vegetarian version of the Toast. (I am sure Pancake batter too would work well in place of Dosa batter. Also, I have to try toasting this in a waffle maker.)
My sister and I have enjoyed n-variety of snacks. Amma would do the required R&D and Murugan Annan would execute it to perfection. You name it, we've had it made at home. We have some favourite ways of using up left-over Dosa batter and this recipe puts the odd slice of bread to good use.

Dosa Batter - 1 cup
Onion - 1/2, chopped finely
Green Chillies - 1 or 2, chopped finely
Corriander Leaves - 2 Tbsp, chopped
Salt to taste
Bread Slices - 6

Mix the chopped onions, chillies, corriander leaves and salt into the dosa batter. Add a little water if necessary to get a pouring consistency. Add a little turmerric powder for colour.
Trim the edges of the bread slices to make rounds. Or use a round-shaped cutter.
Heat a no-stick Tava over medium heat.
Dip the bread slices into the batter. Lift it out gently and place on the greased Tava.
Spoon oil along edges. Flip once the toast is well done and cook until golden.
Serve with Green Chutney or Tomato Ketchup.

Add finely shredded vegetables to the batter instead of Onions.


interesting toast
Minu said…
I am sure you will love it
DivyaGCP said…
Wow.. Love this Idea. Very interesting..

Divya's Culinary Journey
Santosh Bangar said…
nice and new idea like it try it soon
Priya said…
Brilliant idea, interesting toast.
Bhamathy said…
Very tempting!!! Love your presentation. Sure pleaser for kids.
Very interesting and filling recipe
Minu said…
Thank You. It is a favourite at home! I am sure you will all enjoy it. :-)

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