Pudding - Cake & Custard

The term 'Nostalgia' describes a sentimental longing for the past, typically associated with happier times. There are some favourite foods (not often made) that takes you back to that period of time. In Tamil we start off saying " Antha Kaalathula...". I would not be able to apprehend when Amma said this while regaling tales her childhood days. It would end with "Haiyo (or Cha)! Ippo ellam Nenaichu Parka Mudiyuma?" Now, I can relate to that; not that I am ancient :-)
Now what has brought about this ? Custard! I made some to top Apple Crisp and it has taken me back in time.
The simplest of desserts and a favourite. We were served this at dinner time in our hostel. Remembering those good old days. This one is for my batch-mates and (our warden) Mother Mary - Jyoti Nivas, Banagalore who made me feel welcome and at home in the hostel.

Cake - 1 slice; any leftover cake would do (here I have used Chocolate Cake)
Custard - 1/2 cup; preferably Vanilla flavour
Fruits / Nuts - 2 or 3 pieces; optional (this is my addition)

Cut the cake into cubes.
Put them in a cup along with chopped fruits.
Top with luke-warm custard.
Dunk the cake pieces gently into the custard (helps absorb the custard).
This can be served warm or at room temperature or chilled.

To make Custard:
I use Brown & Polson Custard Powder, just followed the instructions on the pack.
Cool thoroughly, stirring to ensure that a skin does not form on top.
Make sure the milk is thick and creamy. Else add in a little Fresh Cream (about 2 to 3 Tbsp for a cup of milk).


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