Toastizza - Tomato Cheese Toast

An open toastie is the next best thing to having a Pizza. The cheesy top with crisp bread and vegetables if you chose to add, sure satiates you. Various savory combinations are possible with whatever is available on hand. It can be an elaborate one or as simple as the one I chose to serve at tea time today. This picture sure is tempting and reminded me of the simple and tasty snacks. I have stretched the cheese between the toasts, be liberal with mozzarella or use a couple of cheese slices.
This is sure to go with Nupur's Cuppa Tea / Coffee.

Bread slices
Green Chutney (Optional)
Grated Cheese
Tomato Slices
Chopped Green Chillies
Crushed Peppercorns

Spead bread slices with Green Chutney.
Sprinkle grated cheese over it. Grill until cheese starts to melt.
Place a slice of tomato on top and grill until the cheese has melted completely.
Top with chilli slices and crushed pepper.

Like a sweet Toast  -


Priya said…
Irresistible and very catchy toastizza..
tempting cheesy toast.. sure kids will love it

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