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Hello Friends!
We have been very busy both at work and at home with festivities and weddings. A pleasant and fulfilling surprise was the welcome this TV show has had. Friends, their relatives and mine have watched it on TV and came back to me with positive feedback. Thank you very very much.
I would like to share some of them here...
Kalai aunty was the first to wish me well. I have learnt to cook effortlessly from her.
My friend Kanchan's mother-in-law has also seen and was kind enough to comment that she enjoyed it.
My father's aunt (grandmother to me) says - "They announced that it was 'Meena' and after hearing the voice I saw that it was indeed you."
I was lost for words at this status message ---
Thank you Uma!
Alagu Achi told me yesterday that my niece Priya held the phone to the TV (in the USA) and she too was happy for me!
I am very happy and honored for the love and affection that you have showed me.
Some friends and relatives were offended that I did not inform them of the event. Sorry. I truly am. Next time I will definitely announce the dates that they are aired.
Once again you have all overwhelmed me with your love and affection. :-)

Here are the links to the recipes


Priya said…
Actually i saw uma's status and was searching for ur show,thanks for giving the links,will go through it..Congrats on the show.
Archana Potdar said…
Congrats to the positive response to your TV show. I am sure there will be many more milestone that you will easily attain.
I must thank you for choosing a delicious cake for us to bake at egg less baking. I have been and am being lazy and guilty of not looking you up immediately on seeing the recipe.
Following you.
shanthisri said…
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