A sneak peek into Chettinad & its Cuisine

Hi! I take pleasure in welcoming you to Chettinad - the home of Nattukkottai Nagarathars. 
Traditionally, this small community in Tamilnadu have been traders and bankers by profession. History says that they lived in Kaveripoompattinam under the Chola Kingdom. They travelled overseas to set up businesses. After a mighty Tsunami, it is said that they requested the then King and migrated to this arid land for the fear of water. 
On a broad note, the Chettiars are meat eaters with unique preparations using Lamb, Mutton, Fish and Fowl; making the cuisine synonymous with Non-Vegetarian. The Vegetarian fare is more recent and equally tasty and unique. 

The Achi's (womenfolk) concern that the food be healthy while being economical is the base for the recipes. Thrift is second nature to a Chettiar and you will find that some of our curries though very thin and watery are deceptively delicious. Through their mercantile contacts with places like Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, etc., Chettinad cuisine has evolved multi-fold. You will see a huge variety; some utterly simple and some very rich. 
The pantry is well stocked for the year with different types of Rice flour and Lentil flour in combinations or singly, for various instant preparations like Maa Urundai, Idiappam, Thenkuzhal, etc. Living in an arid land, they have become very good in the art of sun-dried preservation of vegetables, fruits, berries and mutton. Pickles in brine with fruits and vegetables is again a unique specialty.
Lakshmi has decided to host this edition of Tried and Tested @ Classic Chettinad Kitchen. I extend my invitation to try out and enjoy the various delicacies in store. 
List of recipes pictured: 
Collage - 1
  1. Arisi Uppuma
  2. Idli with Vellai Vengaya Kose
  3. Vellai Paniyaram
  4. Cabbage Sambal
  5. Milagai Chutney
  6. Kuzhi Paniyaram
  7. Medhu Vada
  8. Thakkali Pachadi
  9. Idiappam
Collage - 2
  1. Milagai Vathal
  2. Idiappam Maavu
  3. Storage Shelf 
Collage - 3
  1. Pachai Thenkuzhal
  2. Masala Seeyam
  3. Maa Urundai

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Happy Cooking!!!


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