Thanni Mangai Urugai - Chettinad Style Mango Pickle in Brine

Make Hay Pickles when the Sun shines! 
Simple and instant pickles are a welcome addition to any meal. Summer is here and we have the perfect excuse to enjoy (read indulge) Pickles.
Beware of "Dehydration". You have to drink plenty of water during summer to prevent dehydration; plus you do tend to lose salts like potassium and sodium when you are out in the sun for a long time, playing or otherwise. One of the first symptoms of dehydration is cramps. The best cure for summer cramps is pickles - seriously! Pickles in brine can be had along with Curd Rice or Kanji (Ragi or Bajra) and is very cooling, wholesome and light on the system. Indulge healthy and in moderation.
Pickling in 'Brine' is very simple as it hardly takes any effort to get it done and is ready to be enjoyed almost instantly. No waiting time! Well almost ;-)

Raw Mango - 1 large
Rock Salt - 1 to 2 tablespoons
Green Chillies - 4 to 6, slit
Boiled and cooled water - to fill the jar.

Take a tall glass or porcelain jar - it should have enough space to accommodate the mangoes and water.
Sterilise the jar (if you want to store the pickle for longer) and dry it in the Sun until heated through.
Wash and wipe the Raw Mangoes. De-seed and cut into fingers.
Take the cut mangoes in a shallow bowl and add salt to it.
Rub the two together with your fingers for a couple of minutes.
Transfer the mangoes, and green chillies in the prepared glass jar.
Top it with water.
Keep aside for a day or two.
Enjoy with Kanji / Koozh / Pazhaya Sadham. A summer treat!!!


Priya Suresh said…
Slurp, mouthwatering here..i want that whole bottle rite now..
easy breezy the presentation.
Archana Potdar said…
Wow! drooling over the picture
Shanthi said…
Nice one . Tempting and wonderful. :)

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