Dates & Nuts Ladoo

Shortcuts - I'm sure we know quite a few. I wanted a quick and easy prasadam to offer in the morning. 
My thoughts went: Badham Halwa? another time; Kesari? hmmmm. Wanted to make a very small quantity as I would end up with the majority share in polishing off the sweet treats. Calculations aside I was quite lazy for elaborate processes. 
Didn't want just 'dates' too. I have to make something!
I remembered making these ladoos in the ashram - stuffed with freshly grated coconut. My version is much easier. Yes. Your guess is spot on! ;) No coconut!
Use any or whatever dry fruits you have. For sticky - dates, figs and to an extent raisins work. For dry - all the nuts, preferably roasted. 

Dates - 8 to 10
Almonds - 5
Cashew Nuts - 5

Roast the nuts separately. Cool and chop finely.
Remove the seed and chop the dates very finely. 
Mash well with your fingers.
Incorporate the nuts and roll into tiny marbles.
It will firm up after resting for a few minutes.


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