#OPOS Flash Cooking 2 Curries in 1 Pan

Flash cooking is an OPOS technique used to cook food over a high flame in a pressure cooker for a short time. The results are dramatic. 
OPOS cooking is a technique created and perfected by Rama Krishnan, and has this Facebook group called United By Food, where the recipes are tested by the memos across the globe. It works for everyone of us.
I was piqued when I first read about making 2 curries in a pan. It was then that it occurred to me that by flashing 2 curries together I could overcome the 'quantity' problem. The cooker HAS to be half full at least for the cooking to happen without 'burning' issues.
Adapting the technnique to suit our home style of cooking, I have made 2 curries in the same pan. With very less quantities to cook, I adapted and am now adept at this methodology. Do try and revert back to me for clarifications if any and with your success stories.
Organise what you would need for your curries. Demarcate and layer the curries in the 2 halves of the pan. Close cooker and pressure cook over a high flame for the required number of whistles. Release pressure and proceed as needed.
The 2 curries lined side by side. After pressure cooking on high for 2 whistles, release pressure manually and proceed as needed.

Palaakkai Kootu 
1. Kootu - I have removed the ingredients for kootu into a different pan. Will now add water as needed and simmer briefly. Recipe Link

Pavakkai Poriyal 
2. Poriyal - I would now add pre-made seasoning to this and stir fry briefly.

In a Pressure cooker layer as follows
2 teaspoon oil 
1 small Grated Onion
2 Bitter Gourd (I have chopped it fine; but it needs to be grated)
2 tablespoons Coconut + 1/2 teaspoon Chilli flakes + Salt + Jaggery - Run it in a mixie for a minute
Flash cook for 2 whistles. Release pressure.
Stir fry for a few minutes.


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