Potatoes and Peas Masala (Poriyal)

Masala in Chettinad refers to a spicy poriyal. It will be slightly moist with the addition of tomatoes and onions. Sometimes, ground coconut too is added. I avoid adding ground coconut to a large extent. It is one of the best accompaniments to Sambhar or Morekuzhambu. 

Masala can be done with most vegetables singly or in a combination. And this is one such.

1 cup each - Small potatoes, Peas  
1/2 teaspoon Chilli powder
1/4 teaspoon Pepper powder 
1/4 teaspoon Turmeric powder
1/4 teaspoon Coriander powder
1/2 teaspoon Besan flour 

Salt to taste
2 teaspoon Oil
1 small sized - Onion, Tomato
1 sprig Curry Leaves


Mix veggies with spice powders and a teaspoon of oil.
Take a 2 litre pressure pan and add a teaspoon of water and 2 teaspoon oil. 

Mix and twirl cooker so that the base is coated with this mixture.
Place curry leaves first and then the chopped onion and tomatoes
Top with veggie-masala mix
Close cooker and pressure cook on high for 2 whistles.
Open after a minute.
Mix and serve.

Menu Today:
Brinjal Morekuzhambu
Accompaniments - Chips, Milagu podi, Curds and Maavadu pickle
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