Paruppu Araichchu Kothikka Vaippadhu

There are some really quaint recipes in every cuisine. Chettinad has many such recipes that is special in each region/home. This is one such at our place. Normally we serve this kuzhambu with Ragi kali. 
How we eat is - The first course would be Ragi Kali with ghee and sugar. Second course will be with this Kuzhambu. Finally we would mix Ragi Kali with Buttermilk and Kadaranga pickle. 
In the month of Purattasi, we do not make Kali / Ragi preparations at home. Hence serving today with rice and veggies.

Thuvaram paruppu (Tur dal) - 1/4 cup 
Vara milaga (Dry Red Chillies) - 6
Sombhu (Saunf) - 1 teaspoon
Maa Vathal (Dry Mango) - 6-8, soak and cook in a little water.
Kadugu (Mustard seeds) - 1/4 teaspoon
Ulutham Paruppu (Urad dal) - 1/4 teaspoon
Vara milaga (Dry red chillies) -2
Cinna vengayam (Small Onions) - 7
Kaayam (asafetida) - a big pinch
Kariveppilai (Curry leaf) - 1 sprig

Garlic Clove - 1 to 2, crushed

Grind the Tur dal, red Chilli and Saunf to a paste (if it is too smooth it will become pasty).
Then add the cooked Maa Vathal (discard water in which it was cooked).

Heat oil - 2 teaspoon and season with the ingredients from mustard to curry leaf.
Add in turmerric powder and the dal paste mixed with a little water and simmer. 

Stir frequently to avoid burning. Simmer till the raw smell disappears.
Add a crushed garlic and take off heat.
Serve with Rice or Ragi Kanji

Menu today: 
Thuvaram Paruppu araichu kothikka vaiththathu
Carrot - Beans poriyal
Peerkangai thovayal
Sago Payasam


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