Strawberry Tomato Jam

I have learnt to make jellies and jams; but have not made them for fear of not getting the set right. There are some fruits that are naturally high in pectin content. Citrus, tomatoes and strawberries fall in the category.
With the assurance of OPOS and this video for guidance, and Sri's trial of this combination - I finally found the courage to make it. I was so excited when Sri posted her Jam recipe. So simple (too good to be true) to procastinate. She has also tried jam with a combination of ginger. Substitute the fruits with grapes and use a 2" ginger.

My jam jar was empty.
I did have the ingredients on hand.
No space for excuses.

I was glad I attempted it. I don't think I will go for the branded ones here forward.
Just one point - please weigh the ingredients. No shortcuts on this one.

Strawberry - 300 grams, chop or pulse coarsely in a mixie
Cherry Tomatoes* - 200 grams, chop or pulse coarsely in a mixie
Sugar - 300 grams
Lemon - 1, extract juice

In a 5 liter pressure cooker, add the strawberry-tomato slush. Top with sugar and lime juice.
Pressure cook on medium flame for 20 minutesPlease use a timer for accuracy.
Switch off and wait for pressure to settle.
It will thicken after a few hours. Store in clean sterilised bottles.

Cherry Tomatoes* - You may substitute with regular Roma (Apple) tomatoes after de-seeding. You don't want to keep removing them from your jam. Do you?


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