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I am Meena, passionate about cooking and baking. It is my dream to bring about a change in the lifestyle of people as what we eat is responsible for what we are. 

I was a homemaker till my son finished schooling. Having had someone to cook for the family, all I needed to do was the occasional Dessert. My first passion was baking; and the first recipe I learnt was Pizza. I learnt cooking from friends after coming to Chennai and attended various cooking classes. I have also taught my friends; learning in the process. Believe me 'Practice makes Perfect'.

Chettinad is known for its non-vegetarian recipes. The Vegetarian dishes though not so popular, range from the simple to the exotic. Before my wedding I recorded recipes for myself and then for my sister in diaries. A reference and support much needed in the kitchen. Visited, revisited and like the Tamil saying - "Padichchu Kizhichachchu"; literally. I always wanted to record it in a way that is easily available and searchable. 

When I was first exposed to Google I would surf through the net, fascinated, for just about anything. I wanted to see if someone has posted Chettinad dishes. What is available at Restaurants and Hotels is hardly authentic. I googled for the quaintest of Chettinad delicacies, and lo behold - it was there. I came across live.to.eat, linked on to Regional Cuisine of India (RCI). From there ...

The recipes in the blog are all favourites in our home. Until the time I had to pack a lunch-box the focus was more towards school time favourites, and quick and easy recipes, dotted with authentic recipes. 

One thing led to another, and at my co-sister's behest volunteered at Isha Foundation for their special programs. It filled me with such joy, and I continue to do so every year as opportunities arise. I loved giving myself totally for the cause, and have gained so much more in return. I'm now working in Mahamudra Restaurant, Isha Life.

Chettinad Fiesta is my way of sharing recipes dear to me. If you have any queries or doubts you can reach me at chettinadfiesta@gmail.com

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